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Visa или Visado: есть ли разница между испанским языком в Испании и в странах Латинской Америки
Visa or Visado: Is there a difference between the Spanish of Spain and that of Latin American countries?
Spanish is the language with the second most native speakers in the world (according to data from Ethnologue), with more native speakers than English has.
Удостоверение переводов на испанский язык для банков Испании
Certification of translations into Spanish for Spanish Banks
In most cases, when ordering the certification of translations with the Spanish Embassy in Moscow, people submit to us a large document package for any Spanish bank. As a rule, this is related to the sale of any estate in Spain.
Удостоверение верности переводов в консульстве Испании в Москве
Attestment of the correctness of translations in the Spanish consulate in Moscow
Spain is one of those countries, where, as a rule, documents are not accepted for examination if their translations are already attested by Russian notaries.  
Письменный перевод на испанский язык и перевод с испанского языка
Translation from Spanish into Russian and from Russian into Spanish
The professionalism and qualifications of our editors and translators, some of whom who are native Spanish speakers, guarantee the magnificent quality of the written translations we perform. With the extensive amount of experience we have working with the Spanish Embassy, translations into Spanish are completed in accordance with all of the currently established requirements and standards.
Омологация диплома в Испании
Diploma homologation in Spain
If you have already had secondary technical or higher education in Russian and would like to have your diploma recognized in Spain, you are going to have to undergo the legalization procedure for education documents.
Удостоверение верности копии оригиналу документов в консульстве Италии в Москве
Attestation of the correctness of copies for the originals documents in the Italian consulate in Moscow
Attestation of the correctness of copies for original documents in the Italian consulate is, as a rule, a concurrent procedure with the attestation of the correctness of a translation.
Удостоверение верности переводов в консульстве Италии в Москве
Attestation of the correctness of translations in the Italian consulate in Moscow
Translation from Russian into Italian of the text of a standard one-page document (1,800 symbols including spaces) will take 1-2 business days and will cost 800 RUR.
Письменный перевод с итальянского и на итальянский язык
Written translation from Italian and into Italian
All Russian documents must be translated into Italian for individuals to be able to use them on the territory of Italy. We have a wealth of experience translating the greatest variety of documents – from one-page type documents of any nature (passports, diplomas, their attachments, certificates, statements, attestations, etc.) to complex technical texts as well as, of course, legal texts (contracts, agreements, acts, memorandums, records, founding documents of companies, etc.). 
Аккредитованный переводчик Консульства Италии в Москве
Accredited translator to the Embassy of Italy in Moscow!
Since 11 April 2016, the General Consulate of Italy in Moscow has changed its requirements to the translation of documents: translations are now accepted from accredited translators only. At first sight, the rules became more rigid but when you get down to it, engaging an accredited professional translator only simplifies the processing of Russian documents for Italy.
Услуги по истребованию и подготовке российских документов для Италии
Services for the recovery and preparation of Russian documents for Italy
We provide a full spectrum of services in the claiming and preparation of Russian documents for their extended use on the territory of Italy. If you happen to be planning to move, study, or working in Italy, don’t forget to prepare all the documents you are going to need beforehand. 
Письменные переводы на китайский язык и услуги по легализации документов
Translations into Chinese and Legalization Services
Nowadays there is an increase in the popularity of the Chinese language as Chinese economy grows. Chinese is the official language of China, Taiwan and Singapore, and also one of six working languages of the UN. Chinese is spoken by more than 1,300 bln people worldwide.
Письменные переводы на греческий язык
Translations into Greek
The total number of people who speak the Greek language is currently more than 13 mln. In addition to Greece itself, Greek is also an official language in Cyprus. Moreover, Greek is a language of inter-ethnic communication in Bulgaria, Albania and Romania, without any official status.
Письменные переводы на французский язык
Translations into French
French enjoys official language or local official language status in more than 30 countries of the world, including Canada, African and Caribbean countries. The international importance of the French language is emphasized by the fact that French is considered to be the main official language in the European Union.
Письменные переводы на немецкий язык
Translations into German
The German language has an official language status in such countries as the Federal Republic of Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg. The number of people worldwide who speak German is currently more than 100 mln.
Письменные переводы на арабский язык
Translations into Arabic
The number of people in the world who speak Arabic is more than 400 mln. Arabic is the second most widely spoken language worldwide, after Chinese.
Письменные и устные переводы на венгерский язык
Translation and Interpretation into Hungarian
Not all translation companies render services in translating and interpreting into the Hungarian language. This is primarily due to the fact that Hungarian is quite a rare language but, in addition to Hungary itself, it is also spread in Serbia, Slovakia, Romania, Ukraine, Austria and the Czech Republic.
Верстка графических объектов в тексте перевода
Graphic object
With an aim to provide convenient, complete, and satisfying service to our customers, we provide “graphic object proofing” on top of our other regular services that we provide. This service entails replacing a text in a document containing graphic images to a translated version of it while retaining its original formatting. This service is most often required when translating documents containing graphic contents.
Удостоверение верности перевода в посольстве Испании Москве
Certification of the correctness of translations in the Spanish consulate
Translations in Russian are normally certified in a notary, however there are some governments that have specific requirements for submitting translations. One of those countries happens to be SPAIN.