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We will help you obtain and certify documents in any country of the former Soviet Union!

Were you perhaps born in Uzbekistan, but you studied in Kirghizia and registered your marriage in Kazakhstan? Are you not connected to a particular country in any way besides the fact that you at some point received a birth certificate, marriage certificate, or a diploma? Have you long ago cut off all ties with it and left to live in another country?  

We will help you obtain and correctly file for practically any document you need IN ANY of the CIS nations, the former states of the USSR (Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, KazakhstanKirghizia, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, and Turkmenistan). We'll get whatever document you need for you even if it has to be claimed somewhere in a remote area of the country rather than the capital, for example, in the Republic of Qoralqalpogiston in Uzbekistan.

Not only will we obtain a duplicate of your document, which was misplaced or time-worn – we will also certify it for any country that you plan to use it in. We will have an apostille stamp placed on it, we'll have it certified in the consulate, and we'll have a translation certified in the embassy of the country of interest as well. Finally, we'll send you the ready document wherever in the globe you are located using a reliable delivery service.

Feel free to contact us. We've amassed a huge amount of work experience with the most complex and faraway countries. If an embassy of the country of interest does not exist in the nation in which the document was issued, the second stage of certification will have to be undergone in the country whose consular region the country that produced the document is subject to. We take care of this long and drawn out process too!

All you need to find out the cost and time schedule of the service we provide you is to send us a scan of the document requiring certification to our e-mail address:

Send us a letter or give us a call now and save yourself the hassle of having to look for someone you know or going to the country yourself that you no longer have anything to do with!

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