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If there are various statements you need to obtain or you need to obtain archived copies and duplicates of documents from state or non-state registers of Russian Federation institutions, including at:

  • The Federal State Registration, Land Register, and Mapping Services;
  • The Housing Policy and Available Housing Department;
  • The Ministry of Internal Affairs;
  • The Ministry of Education and Science;
  • The Federal Tax Service;
  • The Civil Registry Offices Archives;
  • The Technical Inventory Bureau;
  • The Unified Information and Payment Center;
  • Notaries of the City of Moscow and the Moscow Oblast;
  • Higher education, highschool, and trade school institutions;
  • Other institutions where documents can be obtained by a representative and you don't have the time nor the desire to bother yourself with that, we are always ready to help.

We can request the following documents:

  • police records from the MIA of the Russian Federation for citizens of the Russian Federation and foreign citizens, including in EXPEDITED fashion;
  • duplicates of civil status certificates and various statements from a Civil Registry Office of the City of Moscow and the Moscow Oblast;
  • Title documents and statements for residential and commercial properties that are necessary for instance to formalize inheritance, sale-purchase agreements, and remodeling.

Word & Law (Pravo i Slovo) Company also offers services for obtaining from a tax office:

  • tax clearance certificates from tax offices of the city of Moscow and the Moscow Oblast;
  • statements from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and Sole Proprietors;
  • copies of incorporation documents and internal documents of organizations stored in a tax office case (articles of association, creation agreements, minutes);
  • duplicate state registration certificates and duplicate tax registration certificates for legal entities.

Our specialists also write up requests to tax offices regarding legal entity registration issues.

In order for us to be able to act on behalf of an individual, a power of attorney must be formalized in the name of one of our employees. This can be done at any Russian or foreign notary or, if you are outside the Russian Federation, at the consular department of the embassy of the Russian Federation in the country in which you reside. If you have formalized a power of attorney at a foreign notary, you need to certify it in the appropriate way so that the power of attorney bears legal force in Russia.

There are multiple potential situations you may find yourself in:

  • If the power of attorney was processed in a country featured on the list of countries that have signed the Hague Convention, all you’ll have to do is have an “apostille” stamped on it.
  • If the power of attorney was processed in a country not featured on the list of countries that have signed the Hague Convention, it must be certified for the Russian Federation according to the rules of that country.
  • If the power of attorney was formalized in one of the CIS states, all you’ll need is a translation of the power of attorney from Russian and a notarization of the translation by a Russian notary.
  • For a power of attorney processed in the consular department of an embassy of the Russian Federation, no additional action is required.

After obtaining the documents, we can send them to any address you provide to us for you. We can also have an apostille stamped on the obtained documents or have them certified for the country of interest.

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