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In order for Russian documents to acquire legal force on the territory of Malaysia, the full consular certification procedure must be completed.

Full consular certification for Malaysia consists of five stages:

  • Notarization of copies of the original. Exceptions to this are documents that were originally processed by a notary: powers of attorney, agreements, etc.;
  • Translation from Russian into English;
  • Certification of the translation at a notary;
  • Submission of the documents for the notary's signature’s authenticity to be certified at the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation;
  • Submission of documents to certify the authenticity of the Ministry of Justice functionary’s signature at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

After all the necessary approvals are added, the documents are to be submitted to the Consular Department of the Malaysian Embassy in Moscow for certification. 


While visiting the Malaysian Embassy, in addition to the notarial copy with a notarized translation and the approvals of the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, the applicant must have with them the originals of all the documents, a notarized power of attorney on behalf of the document owner (if a third party is making the submission), as well as a copy of the document confirming the applicant’s connection to Malaysia. This may be a visa, a case number at the consulate, an invitation from the employer or educational institution, etc.

The importance of certifying commercial documents (certificates of origin, free trade certificates, bills, invoices, agreements in simple written form, acts) must be inquired each time from the embassy.

The timetable for document certification by the Embassy of Malaysia in Moscow is 2-3 business days.

Russian Document Certification for Malaysia

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