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From April 1, 2024 to April 1, 2025, foreign nationals and citizens of the Russian Federation will have the unique opportunity to exchange their foreign driver’s licenses for Russian ones without having to take a test!

Have you been unable to exchange your driver's license or are you used to taking a customized approach?

Welcome to the "Pravo I Slovo" website»!

We provide legal, accounting, and translation services. We assert the interests of our clients in the arbitration courts and general jurisdiction courts of Moscow and the Moscow Oblast.

One of the areas we specialize in is resolving legal issues in Italy for Russians as well as for Italians in Russia. We have two in-house translators accredited by the Italian Consulate in Moscow working on our team. We are experts in the field of legalizing documents, we perform translations into foreign languages, and we specialize in resolving legal issues that our corporate clients are faced with.

Get in touch with us. We are true professionals in the services we offer!

Our company CEO
Anastasia Starovoitova-Ince
is a lawyer certified by the Italian Consulate, a court attorney, and mediator
Pravo i Slovo
Jon Preston
Thank you to Anastasia at Provo & Slava for a very rapid, professional and satisfying experience.  Anastasia took me on short notice and provided excellent service in the completion of Canadian paperwork which required witnessing in order to resolve Title Transfer back home. Good contact and communication from beginning to end, which was a matter of a few hours. I highly recommend. 
Pravo I Slovo assisted me with getting my marriage certificate from Moscow to Ireland, a task which isn't straightforward in the current climate. I was helped by Roman Orlov who I cannot commend enough for his professionalism, advice, and excellent communication. Based on this experience I would happily recommend Pravo I Slovo. 
Davide pasti
I had a very god experience. Pravo and Slovo hekped me to win my case and to achieve my goal. Communication was great, and they helped me witb all my requests and clarified the things that were not clear to me. I totaly reccomend this studio of lawyers.

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Changing the composition of participants in an LLC
In this article we will talk about the main difficulties and mistakes that may lie in wait when changing the composition of LLC participants.
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Change of head (director) of LLC
The procedure for changing the director of a company is fraught with a number of nuances that definitely need to be paid attention to. Otherwise, you may receive a refusal from the registration authority. We tell you what to pay attention to.
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Change of company address
Companies periodically need to change their address - that is, the address where the office with employees is located and where the organization communicates with various government bodies, including the tax office.
Легализация документов для Восточной Европы
Legalization of documents for Eastern Europe
Legalization of documents and apostille for Eastern European countries: Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and other countries
Легализация документов в Южной Америке
Legalization of documents in South America
Apostille, consular legalization for South American countries: Argentina, Brazil and other countries.
Легализация документов для стран Африки
Legalization of documents for African countries
Apostille and consular legalization of documents for African countries: Algeria, Tunisia, Ghana, Congo and other countries
Легализация документов для Западной Европы
Legalization of documents for Western Europe
Apostille, consular legalization of documents for Belgium, France, Great Britain and other Western European countries
Легализация документов в Северной Америке
Legalization of documents in North America
Apostille, consular legalization of documents for Mexico, Panama, Cuba, Canada and other North American countries
Замена водительского удостоверения с иностранного на российское на практике
Swapping Your Foreign Driver's License 11 Questions for Our Lawyer
Until which date will foreigners be able to drive using their driver's licenses from their home countries? Or, in other words, how long do foreigners have to exchange their foreign driver's licenses for a Russian one?
Доказательства в суде и особенности их предъявления
Court Evidence and Important Things to Know about Introducing It
Any court process requires each of the parties introduce evidence as the basis for their claims or objections.
Как усыновленному иностранцу получить сведения о биологических родителях из России
How Does an Adopted Foreigner Acquire Information on Their Biological Russian Parents
For various reasons, children who've grown up to become adults start to develop a curiosity about their origins. Some want to meet their biological parents and relatives while others want to find out whether they are genetically prone to particular diseases.
Документы для получения гражданства Италии
Documents Required to Apply for Italian Citizenship
The primary documents required to apply for Italian citizenship are a birth certificate and a clean police record. Both documents must be apostilled.
Как присвоить адрес объекту недвижимости в Москве
How to Get an Address Assigned for a Property in Moscow
Sometimes a person or a company acquires ownership of a property that lacks an incomplete address, for instance the building may not be numbered.
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Artificial Intelligence in the World of Law
The use of artificial intelligence will have its imprint in the legal field as well. It would be just as fair to ponder how AI might benefit the legal profession. However, that of course begs the question – will the legal profession disappear?
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Suspending Writ Proceedings
If you find yourself in a similar situation or you've encountered issues with writing up motions to suspend proceedings, get in touch with Word & Law.
Замена ненадлежащего ответчика
Replacing an improper defendant
As a general rule, the sides of a court hearing, whether the proceedings are taking place in a general jurisdiction court or in an arbitrage court, are the plaintiff and the defendant.

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