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The section of law detailing immigration law is one of the most frequently changing fields of law, so it's crucial to follow changes and react to them in a timely fashion so that you on one hand avoid breaking the law and on the other hand remain aware of the preferential advantages that can be provided by the law to certain categories of foreigners.

Here are some of the latest amendments to immigration law:

  • the time period for providing a notice of arrival of a foreign citizen has been extended from three to seven business days following the date of their arrival at their place of stay;
  • the appearance of the legal concept of the “highly qualified specialist”. A work permit for such a specialist can be issued for a period of up to three years;
  • the quota on the issue of “work” invitations to enter the Russian Federation and the quota on the issue of work permits does not apply to highly qualified specialists;
  • the timetable for examining a petition to hire a highly qualified specialist is within fourteen business days following their arrival at a federal authority in the immigration sphere;
  • a highly qualified specialist can be issued a work permit valid on the territories of multiple subjects of the Russian Federation if according to the employment agreement, their employment activities are presumed to take place on the territories of two or more subjects of the Russian Federation;
  • highly qualified specialists and members of their families can be formalized a permanent residence permit for the period of the validity of their employment agreement or an independent contractor agreement to perform particular work (provide services).

Word & Law (Pravo i Slovo) Company provides the following services in the field of immigration law:

  • consultations on immigration law issues (migration registration, work permits, temporary residence permits, permanent residence permits);
  • assistance in formalizing temporary residence permits and permanent residence permits for foreigners within the bounds of a quota as well as well as without having to fit into a quota;
  • helping organizations formalize permits to hire and use a foreign work force (in Moscow and the Moscow Oblast);
  • helping formalize work permits (plastic cards) for foreign citizens arriving with or without a visa (in Moscow and the Moscow Oblast);
  • notifying the necessary organs that an employment agreement has been concluded or terminated with a citizen of a foreign country;
  • formalizing invitations to help foreigners obtain visas (single-entry, double-entry, or multiple-entry);
  • preparing foreign documents for use on the territory of the Russian Federation (translation services, translation notarization services).

Immigration Law

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Service Title Cost, RUB Timetable
Юридическое сопровождение получения разрешения на работу для высококвалифицированных специалистов (Москва, МО)
от 30 рабочих дней
Консультация по корпоративному, жилищному, миграционному праву РФ
1 час

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