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Apostilles in Uzbekistan

In Uzbekistan, just like in Russia, there are several government authorities with the ability to stamp Apostille on documents.

  • the Ministry of Justice (apostilles documents issued by Civil Registration Office authorities and notarial copies of such documents);
  • the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (apostilles documents processed at a notary). For instance, on powers of attorney, agreements, contracts, as well as police records and commercial documents;
  • The republican center for checking equipment quality (apostilles education documents and notarial copies of them);
  • Supreme court (apostilles court documents and notarial copies of them).

As you can see, in Uzbekistan, notarial copies are apostilled depending on the type of document that copies are made of. This is interesting since in Russia apostilles on documents processed by a notary are placed by the Ministry of Justice, including on notarial copies; meanwhile, it doesn't matter which type of document the copy was made of.

Uzbekistan birth certificate

Requests (for restoration or to obtain a duplicate) for a repeat birth certificate from the Civil Registration Office can be placed with the same department where the certificate was originally issued. There is no unified Civil Registration Office archive in Uzbekistan.

In order to receive a repeat birth certificate, a notarial power of attorney will need to be obtained from the document owner for our employee in Uzbekistan. The power of attorney must show the Civil Registration Office department where the request is to be placed (upon receiving an order, we send a sample of a power of attorney to our clients). We will also need a copy of our client's passport as well as a copy of a document confirming a change in their name (if applicable).

Requests are processed over the course of five business days.

Apostilles for Civil Registration Offices are stamped in the Ministry of Justice. The apostille stamp wait period if 5 to 7 business days.

Police Records in Uzbekistan

Both citizens and foreign citizens living or residing temporarily in the Republic of Uzbekistan are able to obtain police records.

The wait period to receive a police record is five business days.

Citizens of Uzbekistan and CIS state citizens can receive these records in a government services center. Nationals of other countries receive them at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Apostilles for Diplomas and Qualifications Certificates

Apostilles on education documents in Uzbekistan are stamped in the Republican Education Quality Verification Center.

The wait period is 5-40 business days. The duration depends on whether there is information for a specific document contained in the electronic database. If a diploma was issued after the year 2000, the likelihood that the information for it is on hand is 99%. If it was issued earlier, the chances are 50/50.

Sometimes they ask to show an archived statement from the education institution at the Center. This statement must reflect that the individual in fact completed education at the specific institution and a diploma (qualifications certificate) was in fact issued to them with an indication of the details of the education document.

Consular Certification in Uzbekistan

Full consular document certification in Uzbekistan is done in more or less the same way as in Russia. The process goes as follows:

  • a notarial copy of the original document;
  • a translation and a notarial certification of it (if required);
  • certification at the Ministry of Justice;
  • certification at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
  • certification at the destination country's consulate;

If the country of interest does not have an Embassy in Uzbekistan, you will need to find out in which nation the embassy is that's responsible for the consular district that includes Uzbekistan.

To be able to do our job, we will need the original of the document in need of certification, a notarial power of attorney from the document owner, a copy of the person's passport, and a copy of the document confirming a name change, if the document owner changed their name. 

Keep in mind that almost all actions in Uzbekistan (requests, apostilling, full consular certification) require a notarial power of attorney from the document owner.

Get in touch with one of our managers and we’ll be happy to help you get to the bottom of the bureaucratic intricacies, do everything properly, and get the results to you before you know it.

Obtaining and Certifying Documents in Uzbekistan

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