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What types of notifications are we talking about?

A notification of the conclusion or termination of an employment or civil agreement.

Notification of arrival (immigration registration) and departure (deregistration).

Salary payment notification.

Upon concluding or terminating an employment agreement or a civil agreement with a foreigner, an employer must inform the Ministry of Internal Affairs within three business days.

The hosting party must submit a notification of arrival (immigration registration). A company can only be a hosting party if it provides its employee a place of residence as accommodation.

The company must provide the notification within seven business days if the foreigner switches to a new place of residence. For citizens from EEU (Eurasian Economic Union) countries, this time period is extended up to 30 days. Currently, five countries are included in the EEU: The Republic of Armenia, The Republic of Belarus, The Republic of Kazakhstan, The Republic of Kyrgyzstan, and The Russian Federation.

A notification of departure (deregistration) must also be submitted by the host party. If the foreigner was registered at the company's own address (for instance, if the company owns the apartment), the employer must be the one to submit the notification of departure for the foreign employee. Since 2019, the requirement to submit this notification has been annulled. In other words, the hosting party submits the notification of departure for the foreigner under its own initiative (basis: Order of the MIA of Russia #142 as of 3/18/2019). This does not extend to hotels. They are still required to submit notifications of departure for foreigners.

The requirement to submit a salary payment notification is only envisaged with respect to highly qualified specialists (HQS). These notifications are to be submitted on a quarterly basis and are formalized as of the last day of the accounting quarter.

These notifications can be submitted in the following ways:

  • by the CEO of the company: of the company in person or by a company representative power of attorney at the territorial Ministry of Internal Affairs department (in Moscow, that’s “Sakharovo” Multifunctional Immigration Center, located at: Vorontsovskoye Village, Varshavskoye Highway, 64th Kilometer, Property 1, Block 47);
  • by mail.

Currently, a notification submission service via the “Gosuslug” (“Government Services”) portal is being tested.

Upon mailing notifications, keep in mind that they must be sent with a list and a delivery confirmation.

In the event that these rules aren't observed or notifications are sent after the deadline, aren't properly filled out, or the wrong notification form is used, it may result in a fine on the employer. The amount of the fine can reach as high as 1,000,000 RUB.

We provide the service of submitting notifications on the conclusion and termination of agreements as well as the payment of salaries directly to “Sakharovo” Multifunctional Immigration Center. This method is more reliable than mailing the notice off by mail. Due to the high workload they experience, employees at the Ministry of Internal Affairs might make an error upon receiving correspondence by mail and not enter the information into their system, which will inevitably lead to trouble for the already tedious immigration fate of the foreigner and their employer.

Submitting Notifications to the Ministry of Internal Affairs

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