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There are three main types of documents that are submitted to a court to initiate civil case proceedings:

  • a form for a court order to be issued;
  • a form in a special proceeding;
  • the lawsuit.

If an issue entails an issue of law (disputing a concluded sale-purchase, gift, or change agreement), a dispute between beneficiaries, a residential dispute (collection of utility payments, removal from the register, elimination of obstacles to the use of residential facilities), family disputes (on divorces, on the division of jointly acquired property assets, a child custody dispute), land dispute (a dispute on the boundaries of a land lot), or an employment dispute – a lawsuit will have to be written up.

A lawsuit is perhaps the most widespread type of petition submitted to courts. Writing up this type of document will require:

  • precise structure;
  • being in writing;
  • observation of the rules of submission.

A properly written lawsuit must contain:

An introduction section (sometimes it’s called the “header” of the lawsuit): it indicates the title and address of the court, the full name of the plaintiff, defendant, and third parties (if any exist) along with their contact information (addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses). If you know their TIN, SNILS, or passport information, you can indicate them as well. If you are required to pay a government fee, the receipt is to be attached to the lawsuit, and the amount of the fee is to be indicated in the “header”. If no government fee applies, the reasons liberating you of the requirement to pay it are to be indicated.

The description section: the circumstances of the case are described along with the problem that’s arisen. We recommend maintaining an expounded structure indicating the facts in chronological order. You also need to reference normative acts that you base your legal position on.

The relief sought section: REMEMBER: be sure to word your desired relief clearly and properly. Incorrect wording may result in a rejection of your lawsuit, the lawsuit may just end up lying around, or it being sustained but the result may turn out not to be the one you were intending to achieve.

The conclusion section: the date, signature of the filer, the fully written out name of the filer, and the list of attachments must be indicated strictly according to the attached lawsuit documents.

As a rule, in addition to the documents, a check that the government fee has been paid along with the mail receipts must be attached confirming that the lawsuit has been sent along with its attachments to the other persons taking part in the case.

A lawsuit is an exclusively important document and must be properly written up. We are certain that procedural documents must be written up by lawyers (attorneys). No template downloaded from the Internet will be able to help in any non-typical or complex case. For that reason, if you've encountered an issue, a conflict situation, or a task that can only be resolved in court, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We are always happy to help!


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