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The most commonly changed information types include:

  • the head of the representative office (branches);
  • title of the representative office or branch head, for instance CEO or president;
  • representative office (branch) address;
  • representative office (branch) areas of business: OKVED codes.

You will also have to enter changes to the register if your parent company has changed:

  • its title, business entity type, or address, in other words the information contained here.

The cost of entering changes to information contained in the state register of accredited representative offices (branches) of foreign companies is 25,000 RUB. This price does not include the cost of notarized translations and copies. Your best option is to place your translation order in our translation department to avoid document discrepancies. Our lawyers will contact the translators and have the translations edited, if necessary.

The list of documents for entering changes to the register (the list is approximated, clarified for each specific task, and extended):

  • The notarial decision of the authorized organ of the parent company.
  • Filled out 15AFP form.
  • Power of attorney for our staff in simple written form.

We provide consultations throughout the documents preparation stage, send the necessary samples, prepare the document package, check the translations, provide translation notarization and copies support, and submit the documents package to the Interdistrict Federal Tax Service Inspectorate #47 of Russia of the City of Moscow.

When the work is done, you will receive an information sheet confirming that the corresponding changes have been introduced to the state register of representative offices (branches).

The change registration time frame is about 10 business days following the date that the documents were submitted (not counting the day of submission).

Entering Changes to Information in the Representative Offices and Branches Register

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Смена главы, адреса, видов деятельности филиала/представительства
от 20 рабочих дней

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