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Under the conditions of the modern global economy, employment disputes are becoming an ever more widespread category of cases. Employers want to keep their expenses low while using measures against their employees that aren't necessarily legal.

Violations of employment law in most cases is taken for granted: whether it's the illegal imposition of financial liability on personnel, the introduction of all kinds of fines and retentions from the employee's salary, or overtime work without any form of compensation. Employees very often prefer to put up with the third issue, thinking that an employment dispute could have a negative effect on their career.

After being illegally fired, an employee refuses to make any kind of attempt to defend their rights at all, for instance to compensate for emotional distress, collect monetary compensation for an unprovided vacation, to recover at the workplace, to force the employer to make corrections to entries they made in their employment record, to pay the average earnings to the employee for forced unemployment, etc.

Employment dispute resolution services include, in part:

  • analyzing the contents of an employment agreement or developing an employment agreement project;
  • consultations on issued regarding the dismissal of the employee for various reasons;
  • participation in a complaint stage of mediating an employment dispute;
  • participation in negotiation with the employer (employer representative) or employee on the part of either of the parties;
  • appealing the illegal actions of the employer in court and in supervisory organs;
  • imposing administrative or criminal charges on the guilty representatives of the employer for violating employment laws;
  • assistance in writing up and submitting claims and representing the employee's or employer's interests in court.

Employment disputes mainly arise due to lack of knowledge of legal norms and not understanding a legal mechanism for regulating employment relations. Not only do employers violate the employment rights of employees but many employees often times also simply abuse them, taking advantage of the benefits and privileges afforded to them in accordance with employment law.

In the case that an employer is provided legal assistance, the lawyer can facilitate avoiding violation of employment law norms first and foremost by way of proper design and human resources record management.

We have substantial experience handling employment relations cases both on the side of the employer (organization or sole proprietor) and on the side of the employee. Often times, disputes like these can be resolved out of court by conducting proper negotiation and making one's argument as well as defending one's position clearly. However, if negotiation goes nowhere or relations are so ruined that they're beyond repair and nothing will get resolved without settling the conflict in court, we are ready to represent your interests in court while using our extensive experience and knowledge of applicable law and court practice to assist you as effectively as possible.

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