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Without getting into the legal nuances of it, it can be said that if you as an individual enter into a conflict with another individual, the dispute will be examined at a general jurisdiction court by a magistrate (who examines disputes of up to 50,000 RUB).

As a general rule, lawsuits are submitted based on the plaintiff's place of residence. Once again, as a general rule, the plaintiff's place of residence is determined based on his permanent registration address (the address displayed on one's official documents). For that reason, it’s quite preferable to know the identification document details of one's procedural opponent, their tax identification number, their personal insurance policy number, their contact phone number, and their email address.

We believe that tasks should be handled by people who are experts in the particular field: doctors should treat people and lawyers should represent interests in court organs. For that reason, we never post samples of court documents. First of all, we had to work on it and it's a product of our own intellectual work. Secondly, our clients paid us to develop them (other people did, not those who wish to get them for free). And thirdly, as doctors prescribe medicine on a case-by-case basis, so too do we choose means of legal defense on a case-by-case basis, depending on the actual circumstances of the case and the desired result.

Like a doctor, a lawyer must continue to learn their field, improve their qualifications, and practice, practice, practice... Of course, lawyers have their own fields of expertise. We don't grab at every single topic. Our website only publishes the legal services that we have a good grasp of, in which we feel that we are true experts.

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