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In most cases, an “apostille” is stamped on copies of notarized documents (these may be copies of personal documents, such as birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, diplomas, credentials certifications, etc. as well as copies of the incorporation documents of legal entities – articles of association, founding documents, tax office registration statements, etc. along with a broad spectrum of other types of documents) or documents processed at a notary (such as powers of attorney, child travel consent, etc.).

In the above-mentioned cases, an Apostille is stamped by the regional Justice organ of the Russian Federation: documents processed by the notary of a particular region are to receive Apostille stamps only at the Main Department of the Ministry of Justice for that particular region.

The Main Department of the Ministry of Justice: apostilles on notarial document copies

We provide Apostille stamp services from the Ministry of Justice of the City of Moscow, the Department of Justice of the Moscow Oblast, in all regions of Russia processed by notaries of the city of Moscow and the Moscow Oblast, or the corresponding region/country.

Cost to receive an “apostille” stamp (including the government fee of 2,500 RUB):

Normal wait time: 8-10 business days

Cost per document: 4,950 RUB

* Only for documents processed by notaries of the City of Moscow

** Only for documents processed by notaries of the Moscow Oblast

Apostilles from the Ministry of Justice

Prices and Timelines

Service Title Cost, RUB Timetable
Апостиль на документы, выданные нотариусом
4 дня

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