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Many people have had experience dealing with a notary before. Under ordinary circumstances, the assistance of a lawyer is unnecessary; however, we are not talking about ordinary cases here.

Here are some cases in which you may need a lawyer.

  • A number of people have become involved in completing a notarial action: everyone has their own (often times, opposing) interests and their own lawyers behind them. In this case, being one on one with all of them without the support of a specialist defending your interests would be senseless to say the least;
  • One of the participants in the notarial act is a foreigner;
  • A notarial document is intended to be used abroad, so it's important that it is valid and is accepted in the government organs of the country (or even countries) of interest to you;
  • You realize that you aren't dealing with just one or two document projects (agreements, discussions, meetings, etc.) and you realize that the notary is unlikely to toss all of its other work aside and just handle all of yours out the gate;
  • You’re used to acting carefully and prudently when it comes to document formalization;
  • As a whole, you believe that tasks should be handled by people trained in those areas while lawyers happen to exist for the specific purpose of allowing you to calmly stay focused on your own business area.

Do any of these circumstances apply to you? Get in touch with us to discuss your situation in greater detail. The consultation can be conducted in person at our office as well as online.

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