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Spain is one of those countries, where, as a rule, documents are not accepted for examination if their translations are already attested by Russian notaries.  

State and municipal institutions in Spain usually require the translations to have the seal of a Spanish consulate on them as a form of proof that the translation was checked by the Consulate employees and recognized as adequate and in correspondence with the text of the original. In other cases, translations will have to be done in Spain and attested there in the following manner – by official translators (traductor jurado).

Remember: the Spanish Consulate only attests the correctness of the translation it has been given! The Spanish Consulate in Moscow does not do translations itself, but it does attest the document’s contents’ correctness or correspondence with Spanish law. One exception to this is the procedure for recognizing Russian education documents (homologation) where the Consulate evaluates the level of education in the Russian institution in the declaration it issues as well as its accordance with the Spanish educational standard.

We take in and pick up the documents of our clients several times a week in the Spanish Consulate in Moscow, so we know the requirements for formalizing the documents quite well in order for them to be accepted for examination and pass the attestation procedure of the correctness of translations into Spanish in the shortest time.

Furthermore, we keep as close track as possible of those requirements that the Consulate has set forth for the examination of translations and we make sure that our translations are completed without changes in the content, on a high-quality professional level, and are accepted in the Consulate the first time in order to guarantee our customers a minimal wait time for their orders to be completed.

We also work with the Spanish consulates in the CIS states!  

The time period and the cost of the attestation of documents in the Spanish Consulate in Moscow.

Translation into Spanish of a standard one-page document (1,800 symbols including spaces) takes 2-3 business days and costs 600 roubles.

The Spanish Consulate scrutinizes the translations it is presented very harshly, it always does corrections on them, and, as a rule, always succeeds in finding mistakes, inconsistencies, and other blind spots in translation. In this case, the translation will be sent back to the applicant to be worked on and it is not overstatement that it extends the wait time. One could also even find new mistakes even the second time one submits it to the consulate.

  • IMPORTANT: we maintain a close collaboration with the Spanish Embassy in Moscow, so we are able to offer our customers attestations of the correctness of translations in the Embassy in the shortest time – 3-5 business days, as far as we always make sure to be as responsible and professional as possible when it comes to performing translations. We always do them with the intention that the Embassy won’t have any reason to give it back to be worked on or corrected!

Our cost for providing the given services is 5,500 RUR. 

The amount of the consular fee varies and it depends on the amount of lines in the document, the amount of stamps in it, and other factors. On top of that, the Consulate periodically also redefines its rates. For example, the consular fee currently for a standard one-page document like a certificate of good conduct is about 2,000 roubles. 

The amount for the consular fee is calculated by the Consulate according to the amount of lines in the translation. According to the information listed on the official website of the Spanish Embassy in Moscow, the amount for the consular fee will be calculated out of the following components:  

  • Translation certification (page with 30 lines): 2,347.00 RUR;
  • Certification of a document (for 1 document): 235.00 RUR;
  • Certification of a stamp (for each stamp): 548.00 RUR.

We will remind you, once again, that during the stage in which we receive an order from you, we can only offer customers a BALL PARK ESTIMATE of what the consular fee will be from the Spanish Embassy. This is the BALL PARK AMOUNT or the majority of it, depending on the amount of the consular fee, that the manager will ask the customer to pay when placing the order.

The exact amount will be known only after the Embassy issues the ready documents and receipt of payment of the consular fee. This receipt will be given to the customer and at the end, the customer will pay the amount the Embassy has indicated on the receipt as the consular fee. If at the end of the order, the customer has paid more than the amount of the total price, then we will of course return to the difference.

Attestment of the correctness of translations in the Spanish consulate in Moscow

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