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A professional translator completing a translation into a language other than their native language might use expressions and words that a native speaker wouldn't have used in such cases and contexts. Such discrepancies in translation may significantly stand out to readers who are native speakers. Since having translations done by native speakers into their own language is the well-justified, generally accepted practice, we recommend that our clients use translation services (such as translation editing or correction, as well as verification of terminology and vocabulary) by a native speaker when it comes to translating the important advertising, marketing, and business documents; materials designed for mass consumption; presentation letters; of course, foreign language versions of company websites; etc.

As far as translating serious documentation is concerned, we strongly recommend using the services of a native speaker specifically, since only a native speaker can perform a fully equivalent translation precisely and its entirety as well as reproduce all of the stylistic and emotional nuances of the text, take into account all the grammatical intricacies, as well as keeping in mind linguistic, cross-cultural environment and associations.

Translation by a native speaker is also necessary for translating advertising materials and slogans. In that case, the native-speaker translator will take into account all the culturological aspects of the advertisement and ensure no blunders can take place.

When translating into Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, and other Oriental languages, it's also crucial to hire a native speaker since Oriental languages are particularly hard to study due to the vast differences between them and European languages. For that reason, it's much more difficult for a European to translate into Oriental languages than into any European language, whether or not the European language they are translating into is their mother tongue.

The choice of a translation service depends on one's project budget and the objectives for which translation of the materials is planned. Having a native speaker perform a translation costs more than using a Russian specialist; however, the additional expenses spent on using a native speaker for the translation are well-justified and pay off, since only a native speaker-linguist of the corresponding language can perform a first-rate translation that will be taken completely seriously by the renders in the foreign language environment.

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