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Our company offers legal services in writing up complaints, petitions, and other legal documents.

This service entails, in part, preparation of the following documents:

  • legal claims, petitions, and other procedural documents;
  • any type of contract, attachments to them, agreements to amend them or terminate them; writing up dispute records regarding agreements, acquittances, certificates, etc.;
  • complaints regarding the failure to fulfill obligations to a customer, responses (objection) to complaints, etc.;
  • appeals against the actions of government organs and their officials, requests to obtain documents and information, requests to obtain explanations on the application of tax law, etc.;
  • documents required in formalizing employment relations (employment agreements, orders, ID cards, job instructions, written employee obligations, full financial liability agreements, etc.);
  • clients’ internal documents governing employment relations (collective agreement; bonus plan, commercial secret protection, internal code of conduct, staff schedule, and vacation schedule provisions; etc.);
  • clients' internal corporate documents (board of directors, company participants rights procedure agreement, etc.).

Writing Up Complaints, Petitions, and Other Legal Documents

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