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We constantly receive service requests from clients asking us to help acquire documents obtainable from a Civil Registry Office for them. The standard procedure for obtaining documents takes place solely by way of a power of attorney formalized by the document owner or their legal representative.

If you are currently located outside the Russian Federation, you have 2 options to formalize a power of attorney:

  •  have the power of attorney processed in an Embassy of the Russian Federation. In this case, the power of attorney will be issued in Russian and will not require certification in order to be used in Russia;
  •  have the power of attorney processed at a local notary. In this second case, both certification (which is performed in the country where it is processed) and a notarized translation into Russian are required (which is done in Russia).

The processing of the document is often times burdened by certain issues, such as having to wait for the Consulate of the Russian Federation (the wait can go for as long as months at a time) and having to mail the original power of attorney. In the event that you choose to visit a local notary, things might not go very swimmingly either, as a foreign notary won’t be used to working with Russian template power of attorney text. Furthermore, notarial fees are rather high in certain countries while the subsequent certification may go on for an extended period of time.

Should you encounter any issues obtaining a power of attorney to request documents from a Civil Registry Office in Russia or lack sufficient time to get it processed, get in touch with our company employees. We have the solutions to your issues! We will be happy to provide you a consultation and give you the help that you need within the shortest time frame.

Replacement marriage certificate

We must tell you right out the gate that the Unified State Register system of the Civil Registry Office has begun full-fledged operation in Moscow. That means the Civil Registry Offices finally have a unified Russia-wide archive!

Replacement birth certificate

Before that, in order to request a replacement birth certificate issued, say, in Irkutsk, you had to go to Irkutsk, since data archives were only stored in the Civil Registry Office that issued the original certificate.

Replacement marriage certificate

Far from everybody lives in the same city that they were born in, or even that their children were born in, that they were married in, or that they were divorced in. Thus, previously, obtaining a certificate could turn out to be a tedious and expensive procedure. Now any act of civil status can be obtained in Moscow!

Don't hesitate to contact us with any certificate or statement replacement you need from a Civil Registry Office. Get in touch with us if you still have questions or would like to place an order!

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