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The professionalism and qualifications of our editors and translators, some of whom who are native Spanish speakers, guarantee the magnificent quality of the written translations we perform. With the extensive amount of experience we have working with the Spanish Embassy, translations into Spanish are completed in accordance with all of the currently established requirements and standards.

Translations of the majority of documents, which are planned to be used on the territory of Spain not only require attestation by a notary, but also in the Consular Department of the Spanish Embassy. Not only do we perform translations into Spanish, we also provide services in the providing for our customers interested in the indicated Embassy.

What this means is that we submit your documents for attestation of the correctness of the translation provided. Then, we receive the ready documents, the consulate’s translation into Spanish, at the appointed time.

The cost of the given service is 5,500 roubles. 

The cost of translation from Russian into Spanish for one standard (translation) page (1,800 symbols including spaces) is 600 roubles.

Translation of a certificate for marriage (marriage certificate) into Spanish (or any other certificate or statement issued by the Civil Registry Office) costs exactly 600 RUR, since such a certificate or statement contains exactly 1 translation page. If the statement or certificate contains an apostille, the cost of the translation will be 900 RUR. 

Translation of a certificate, including the translation of an official transcript, into Spanish will vary in cost depending on the amount of translation pages (600-1200 roubles). If the certificate contains an apostille, the cost will be 900-1500 roubles.

The procedure for attesting translations in the Spanish Embassy takes up to 10 business days after the moment that the documents are submitted. Unfortunately, there may also be delays due to the work load that the notary is burdened with in the Embassy.

A consular fee will be charged for the attestation of the correctness of translations by the Embassy.

According to the information listed on the official website of the Spanish Embassy in Moscow, the amount for the consular fee will be calculated out of the following components: 

  • Translation certification (page with 30 lines): 2,347.00 RUR;
  • Certification of a document (for 1 document): 235.00 RUR;
  • Certification of a document along with the stamp of the authorized person in the Embassy (for each stamp): 548.00 RUR.

Calculating the exact consular fee that will be charged for a specific document is practically impossible, since the fee is paid during the actual issue of the ready document and is counted depending on the amount of lines in the translation.

Nevertheless, thanks to our longstanding experience working with the given Embassy, we can always give our customers a ballpark estimate for what the approximate consular fee will be by doing a preliminary calculation of all of the customer’s expenses for the order.

Thus, the ball park estimates for the consular fees of different types of documents are:

  • Diploma with attachment: about 13,000 roubles;
  • Attestation: about 7,500 roubles;
  • Certificate issued by a Civil  Registry Office: about 6,000 roubles;
  • Certificate of the possession of a bank account or certificate from work, place of education, place of residence, as well as a statement from ones’ pension fund, tax inspection, etc. will be about 2,347 roubles.

IMPORTANT: the consular fee amounts listed above are only estimates. Furthermore, the consular fee rates may change every 3 months.

During the stage in which we receive an order from you, we can only offer customers a BALL PARK ESTIMATE of what the consular fee will be from the Spanish Embassy. This is the BALL PARK AMOUNT or the majority of it, depending on the amount of the consular fee, that the manager will ask the customer to pay when placing the order.

The exact amount will be known only after the Embassy issues the ready documents and receipt of payment of the consular fee. This receipt will be given to the customer and at the end, the customer will pay the amount the Embassy has indicated on the receipt as the consular fee. If at the end of the order, the customer has paid more than the amount of the total price, then we will of course return to the difference.

The procedure of formalizing Spanish documents for use in Russia is simpler. All you need is the translation from Spanish into Russian and receive a notarial attestation of the authenticity of the lettering of the translator.

The qualifications of our translators and the procedures we have developed for carrying out our customers’ orders enables us to perform orders in high quality and in the shortest time possible. The cost of translation from Spanish into Russian is 600 roubles per page of translation and notarial attestation of the authenticity of the lettering of the translator is 700 roubles per document.

We provide translation into Spanish for practically any type of texts, including:

  • Translation of non-conviction certificates for Spain;
  • Translation of diplomas into Spanish;
  • Translation of non-conviction certificates into Spanish
  • Translation of attestations into Spanish;
  • Translation of academic transcripts into Spanish;
  • Translation statements into Spanish;
  • Translation of letters of authorization into Spanish;
  • Translation of consent for travel into Spanish;
  • Translation of licenses into Spanish;
  • Translation of birth certificates into Spanish.

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