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In the modern environment in which business and economics are developing, commercial courts are needed to promptly and efficiently resolve a multitude of economic disputes. This has rendered simplified commercial proceedings, providing a means to accelerate court procedures and lower their cost, a particularly relevant topic.

Simplified commercial proceedings are a means of examining court cases under which the court examination takes place without having to conduct an oral hearing or summoning the parties to court. This procedure is envisaged by the Commercial Procedure Code and is used in cases that adhere to the law and do not infringe upon any of the dispute parties’ or third parties’ rights or legal interests.

The following are the advantages of simplified commercial proceedings:

Saved time and money saved: The simplified procedure provides a means to shorten to the time necessary to examine the cases and reduce court expenses as far as it doesn't require any oral hearings to be conducted or the parties to be summoned to come in in person.

Accessible: The ability to go to a commercial court with a simplified procedure is accessible to all interested persons regardless of what their legal status and location are.

Flexibility: Simplified proceedings allow the court to take a more flexible approach to examining cases, taking the particularities of each specific case into account.

However, it's worth noting the limitations that apply to using the simplified procedure as well.

First off, it can only be used in the particular categories of cases envisaged in procedural law. Secondly, simplified proceedings do not allow the parties to provide any additional evidence or call witnesses which may limit their opportunities in defending their interests in court.

Simplified commercial proceedings are an effective tool for resolving economic disputes, ensuring a speedy process, and saving resources on the court proceedings.

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