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Брачный договор: можно ли оспорить
Prenuptial agreements: can they be disputed?
The matrimonial property regime can be written out and agreed upon. By default, the legal regime in effect is a 50/50 split, starting as of the date that the man and the woman become married. It can be changed via a prenuptial agreement or envisage, for instance, that the property acquired during the marriage remain the personal property of the spouse whose name it is registered in or whose money was used to buy it.
Получение справки о несудимости и проставление штампа «Апостиль» в США
Obtaining a Police Record and an Apostille Stamp in USA
After the record is issued, it will need an apostille to be stamped on it. That is done at the Department of Justice of USA and is done over the course of 90 calendar days.
Справка из налоговой инспекции
Tax Office Certificates
Do you need to obtain a tax office certificate in Russia or any other type of document? Get in touch with us. We're always happy to help!
Visa или Visado: есть ли разница между испанским языком в Испании и в странах Латинской Америки
Visa or Visado: Is there a difference between the Spanish of Spain and that of Latin American countries?
Spanish is the language with the second most native speakers in the world (according to data from Ethnologue), with more native speakers than English has.
Легализация российских документов для Венгрии
Certification of Russian Documents for Hungary
A well-known fact is that Hungary is among the countries party to the Hague Convention since 1961 to simplify the procedure for certifying documents. So, documents issued in Russia must have an “Apostille” stamped on them.
Получение и легализация документов в Узбекистане
Obtaining and Certifying Documents in Uzbekistan
In Uzbekistan, just like in Russia, there are several government authorities with the ability to stamp Apostille on documents.
Оформление российских документов для Индии
Formalizing Russian Documents for India
India is a unique country, home to over 400 ethnic groups speaking more than 447 languages and 2,000 dialects! And there’s much more to the country than that.
Легализация документов из  Центрального государственного архива города Москвы
Certification of Documents from the Central State Archive of the City of Moscow
Archive certificates issued by this institution can be apostilled or they can undergo full consular certification, depending on the country of the document's destination.
Подготовка российских документов для Уругвая
Russian Document Preparation for Uruguay
Are you gathering documents with the intention of moving to Uruguay? We are always happy to help you assemble and certify documents for that country.
Легализация документов для Перу
Certifying documents for Peru
Peru is a remarkable country. Everyone knows about the lost city of Machu Pichu, the Nazca Dessert and its mysterious drawings, the Amazon rainforest, ayahuasca, the long shoreline, the wonderful capital Lima, the high-mountain city of Cusco, and the 12-angle stone laid by the Inca some 700 years ago...The list goes on and on.
Легализация российских документов для Филиппин
Certification of Russian Documents for the Philippines
Previously, both personal and commercial documents from Russia had to be subject to full consular certification procedure for the Philippines.
Оформление документов в консульстве Италии
Processing documents at the Italian consulate
In the process of certifying the correctness of translations at the General Consulate of Italy, the question frequently arises – “Should the translation be attached to a copy of the document that the consulate will be certifying or the original document?” In the first case, the consulate charges 10 euros per page of the copy and 13 euros per page of translation. In the second case, it charges 13 euros per each translated page it certifies.
Процедура признания иностранного образования (нострификация)
Procedure for recognition of foreign education (nostrification)
Nostrification is only done in Moscow in the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation.
Юридические и переводческие услуги в Узбекистане
Legal and translation services in Uzbekistan
We offer legal and translation services in Uzbekistan.
Юридические и переводческие услуги в Киргизии (Кыргызстане)
Legal and translation services in Kyrgyzstan (Kyrgyzstan)
We offer legal and translation services in Kyrgyzstan.
Юридические и переводческие услуги в Казахстане
Legal and translation services in Kazakhstan
 We offer legal and translation services in Kazakhstan.
Юридические услуги и услуги переводчика в Беларуси
Legal services and translation services in Belarus
We offer legal and translation services in Belarus.
Удостоверение переводов на испанский язык для банков Испании
Certification of translations into Spanish for Spanish Banks
In most cases, when ordering the certification of translations with the Spanish Embassy in Moscow, people submit to us a large document package for any Spanish bank. As a rule, this is related to the sale of any estate in Spain.