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Head of Law & Word Company Anastasia Ince has been included in the "avvocato di fiducia" list, i.e. the list of lawyers in whom the Italian Consulate has its confidence and whom it recommends.

Such list is available on the official website of the Italian Consulate in Moscow.

Basically we have worked with Italian citizens and rendered them legal services of all kinds since 2000. The range of such services is quite wide and includes:

  • migration issues (assistance in obtaining work permits, residence permits, and exit visas for citizens with expired visas);
  • commercial disputes (including the recovering of accounts receivable under supply contracts and contractor agreements);
  • services to corporations (the accreditation of branches and representative offices, the registration of companies, and amendments to founding documents);
  • services to individuals - legal representation in courts in inheritance and civil proceedings, and housing disputes (including the dissolution of marriage with Italian citizens, the division of property, disputes regarding children, and the recovery of children’s allowance);
  • registration of trademarks;
  • maintenance of accounting and tax records of corporations;
  • obtaining any kind of references, lost documents, duplicates and reissued certificates throughout the Russian Federation and CIS countries;
  • legalization of documents (providing apostilles) in any city of the Russian Federation and countries of the former Soviet Union.

You can always email Anastasia Ince to ince@pravoislovo.ru to get competent legal advice in any matter in which you are interested.

List of trusted attorneys of the Italian Consulate in Moscow

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