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A family composition certificate is a document that is most commonly requested by students undergoing education in Italy to apply for a DSU (Diritto allo Studio Universitario) scholarship.

This scholarship is the most “generous” and most popular one offered in the country. Each scholarship recipient gets to choose one of two options: they have their education paid for along with an expenses stipend (the amount varies from region to region) or their food and dormitory room and board are paid for along with a partial stipend.

The scholarship is intended for students from low-income families and not only can Italians apply for it but so can foreign students. Every year, the list of documents and the submission deadlines are published for all to review. To become eligible, applicants are required to demonstrate that their family's economic situation renders paying for their education difficult for them.

Among the list of documents to be submitted for the scholarship is a document called a “Family Composition Certificate” (Certificato di stato di famiglia). Many of our clients are puzzled when they hear about this. “What does that refer to and where do I find a certificate like that?” they ask. Everyone approaches this issue in a different way. Some people gather several documents together to show the composition of their family, others obtain a statement from the register of tenants at their building, still others get by with a notarial declaration on their behalf as to whom their family consists of.

In any case, whatever the documents are that you attach, they won't contain that precious, required phrase “Family Composition Certificate”.  Your family's composition would have to be guessed based on the totality of the information indicated in various documents.

Indeed, a document with this very name, “Family Composition Certificate”, does exist. It’s an EIRC-7 form, and it's processed at the Multifunctional Public Services Center for your permanent registration location. The certificate is issued on the day of the applicant’s request.

After all the documents are collected, an apostille will need to be stamped on them, they will need to be translated from Russian into Italian, and then the correctness of the translation will need to be certified at the Italian Consulate.

Our company is specialized in preparing documents for Italy and we happen to have two salaried translators on our team who are accredited at the Italian Consulate. We will always be happy to help resolve any paperwork issues: gathering documents, translating them into Italian, having apostilles stamped on them, and having the translations certified at the consulate.

Reach out to us. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and help you out with all the documents you need!

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