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There have been a lot of Russian orphans adopted by foreigners in EU nations and the United States.

For various reasons, children who've grown up to become adults start to develop a curiosity about their origins. Some want to meet their biological parents and relatives while others want to find out whether they are genetically prone to particular diseases.

However, in Russia, the secret of adoption is protected by law, which presumes, among other thins, criminal charges in the event that the secret of one's adoption is divulged.

What does one do in such a situation?

First, one must obtain the consent of the adopting parent for the secret of their adoption to be divulged. This consent must be notarized. If the adopters live abroad, the notarial consent to divulge the secret of the adoption must be legalized and subsequently translated into Russian.

Second, one must visit the Civil Registry Office in Russia which issued the birth or adoption documents.

In the case that the Civil Registry Office refuses to provide information on the person's biological parents, such a refusal can be disputed in court if one is able to prove that they have a significant enough necessity to obtain information on the person's biological parents and that the adopters have agreed to the secret of their adoption being divulged.

We help adopted Russians who were adopted and currently reside in different world countries to obtain information on their biological parents. Get in touch with us to obtain assistance today!

How Does an Adopted Foreigner Acquire Information on Their Biological Russian Parents

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