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If you've dealt with having documents certified for another country before, in particular getting an apostille stamped on them, you are already aware that an apostille is stamped in the document's country of origin and that consulates/embassies aren't endowed with these powers. In other words, an apostille can only be stamped on an Italian diploma in Italy. Consequently, apostilles can only be stamped on Russian documents in Russia. That rule applies the same for all documents’ country of origin.

However, there are always exceptions to every rule. The countries were are talking about in this case? Australia and Austria. Only for these specific countries are apostilles placed in the corresponding consulate in Moscow! It must be emphasized that this is substantial, handy information which may save citizens tons of effort and money. In the near future, all countries might be able to provide these types of services via their own representative offices abroad.

Let’s look at an example. Suppose you are a US citizen living in Russia and you need your birth certificate apostilled. To do so, you’ll have to fly to USA or send the certificate to have an apostille stamped on it there and then wait for your document to be mailed back to Russia. You can do it in another way by processing a notarial power of attorney and sending it out to USA to your representative for them to obtain a duplicate of the certificate and have an apostille stamped on it. After that, you’d needed the ready document mailed back to the Russian Federation. Thus, no matter what method you use, it will take a considerable amount of time and a hefty amount of cash.


The document owner will need to email to the address consular.moscow@dfat.gov.au scans of the documents that need to be apostilled. An apostille is only stamped on an original document. If you're not holding an original but rather an electronic copy, a link to the document on the organization's website will be required for verification.

A confirmation letter should arrive from the consulate. After that, you can now bring them the original documents and pay the fee.

In this way, you can have any document apostilled that you could've had apostilled back in Australia.

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The rules at the Austrian consulate are a bit different: only documents that the consulate issued itself can be apostilled there. Thus, if you've received a certificate, a statement, etc. at the consulate, they will stamp an apostille on it there. However, if the documents were issued on the territory of Austria, you will be sent back to Austria to have an apostille stamped on them.

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Can You Have an Apostille Stamped on Your Documents at a Consulate?

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