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In the accreditation of representative office or branch of a Cyprian company, it should be noted that the Cyprian part processes foundation documents such as articles of association, minutes of the meeting, different certificates, and approvals as one document. It means that they sew together all the above-mentioned documents as one.

This is obviously done to minimize expenses on apostilization, and to save on notarial certification of the translations later.

The Russian Federal Tax Office accepts such documents and … renders a refusal! As a result a client will definitely lose state the duty of 120 000 rubles and incur extra costs for a new document set, its sending, costs for new translation and document certification.

  • Important to know! Cyprian companies’ articles of association should be certified as a translated copy, and not through making an affidavit! For the Russian Federation tax authorities the affidavit of foreign lawyer or attorney concerning the accuracy of the submitted copies to the original does not mean a proper certification of the documents ‘copies.

Please be aware - foreign legal entity documents should be processed properly! It should be always reasonable to outsource a lawyer who specializes in accreditation of rep offices and branches at the stage of foreign documents preparation. In this case, the lawyer can affect the process of processing the documents by pointing out mistakes and irregularities before the documents are apostilized and sent to Russia. 

Some peculiarities of processing documents for foreign company’s representative office or branch accreditation in Russia. Peculiarity № 1.

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