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We offer services in

  • Claiming documents (diplomas from secondary school, higher, and secondary vocational education and certificates from the Civil Registry Office, etc.) in any city of Uzbekistan;
  • Providing apostilles for documents;
  • Translating documents into foreign languages;
  • Attestation of the correctness of translations in the necessary consulate in Tashkent.

If you feel the necessity to add something else to add to our portfolio in Uzbekistan, don’t hesitate to contact us!

1.Apostilles for attestations.Wait period: about 20 business days, cost: 300$. Letter of authorization required.

2.Apostilles for diplomas with attachments.Wait period: about 40-60 business days, cost: 300$. Letter of authorization required. 

As you know, as of April 15, 2012, Uzbekistan became a member of the Hague Convention. What this means is that the procedure for the consular legalization of official documents has been replaced by a procedure of providing “Apostille” stamps. An apostille is provided for educational documents in the State Testing Center in the Cabinet of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Tashkent. First, the Center verifies the validity of the document that was issued and sends a request to the education institution. After receiving the request, the educational institution sends a statement to the Testing Center – a confirmation that the attestation or diploma of interest was actually issued. And only after receiving such a statement does the Testing Center proceed to stamp an apostille. Thus, the time  period for receiving an apostille is dependent on how long it takes for the statement to be received and then, directly afterwards, the formalization of the apostille is done, as a rule, in no more than 20 business days. In order to speed up the procedure, we present to you our service in claiming these certificated from educational institutions in any region of Uzbekistan. The cost of receiving the statement confirming that the education took place starts at 100 $ and from then on depends on the region (how far it is from Tashkent).

3.Apostilles for certificates from a Civil Registry Office (certificates of birth, death, marriage, divorce, change of last name, etc.). Wait period: about 20 business days, cost: 200$. Letter of authorization required.

4.Translation into Italianby translators accredited by the Italian Embassy in Tashkent. Tim period: 2-3 business days. Cost: 50-70$ for 1 document.

5.Attestation of the correctness of translations in the Italian Consulate in Tashkent. Wait period: 5-7 business days. Cost: 100$, including the consular fee. A scan of the page of the passport with a photograph of the document owner required along with a letter of authorization.

6.Formalization of a Dichiarazione di valore of education documents in the Italian Consulate in Tashkent. Wait period: about 15 business days. Cost: 150$, including the consular fee.

7.Document claims in any city in Uzbekistan other than Khoresm and Qoralqalpogiston, starting at 200$ (depending on how far it is from Tashkent). Wait period: about 5-10 business days. Letter of authorization required.

8.Cost of claiming a document in the Khorsem Region or the Autonomous Republic of Qoralqalpogistan is approximately 300$ (depending on the cost of the flight). Wait period: about 10 business days. Letter of authorization required.

9.Cost of delivering a ready document to any desired address: depends on the type of delivery service you’ve chosen and the destination country. We can send a ready order from Tashkent to any corner of the glob through Moscow!

IMPORTANT:the exact amount subject to payment is counted ONLY after the submission of a scan of the document.  We also offer the possibility of discounts for people ordering packages of services.

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