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The United Arab Emirates is not included in the Gaag Convention of 1961, so while you are processing your Russian documents for use in this country, you are going to have to undergo the procedure of consular certification, which means getting your documents stamped by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Justice, and the Consulate of the United Arab Emirates in the Russian Federation.

In Russia, education documents (primarily diplomas and their attachments) belong to the group of documents that are most often faked. Even while performing our work, we frequently run into documents of that sort. It is worth keeping in mind that if such documents fall into the hands of any government authority, the false document will be subject to seizure!

In order to avoid problems like these, the Consular Department of the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Moscow accepts Russian university diplomas in the government-approved format and doctor's certificates involving an apostille stamp on the originals or presented statements from the educational institution confirming that the document owner did in fact study there. Such measures guarantee the Consulate of the United Arab Emirates that the documents received for certification are authentic.

Considered as education documents in the government-approved format are:

  • attestations of full or partial high school education;
  • a diploma of a technical high school with an attachment;
  • academic transcript;
  • university diploma with an attachment; 
  • doctor's certificate;

We can take the responsibility of claiming certificates such as these from any Russian university as well as placing apostilles on the originals of education documents. However, it is worth keeping in mind that placing apostilles on education documents is a time-consuming procedure that takes about 2-3 months and the time period for claiming the certificates depends on the specific university, but on average it normally take at least 10 business days.

Attention: according to article 327 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation:

1. Falsifying statements or other official documents representing one's rights or exemptions from obligations with the purpose of using it, or the sale of such a document, or also its manufacture for the same purpose, or the sale of falsified government awards of the Russian Federation, the Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic, stamps, seals, or forms shall be punished by confinement for a period of three years, or arrest for a time period of four to six months, or incarceration for a period of up to two years. 

2. The same actions completed multiple times shall be punished by incarceration for a period of up to four years.

3. Deliberate use of a falsified document shall be punished by a fine in the amount of one hundred to two hundred minimal sums of labor or in the amount of the salary or other income condemned for a period of one to two months or by obligatory labor for a period of one hundred eighty to two hundred forty hours or by correctional work for a period of up to two years or by arrest for a period of three to six months.

Furthermore, in any case any falsified document discovered will be subject to seizure.

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