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Nostrification is only done in Moscow in the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation. In the case that your diploma was issued by a foreign university, including universities of one of the republics formerly part of the USSR, after May 15, 1992 (except for Belarus), it will only be officially recognized in the Russian Federation after it has completed the procedure described above.

Nostrification denotes the recognition and establishment of the equivalency of foreign government documents on university degrees and post-university professional education or, in other words, the agreement of the corresponding government body authorities on the legal force of these documents on the territory of the given government.

Nostrification is necessary for those who possess diplomas of foreign governments for continued employment or education on the territory of the Russian Federation. Only after the “recognition” of these university and post-university education degrees do they acquire legal force on the territory of the Russian Federation and after completing the “equivalency establishment” procedure, the owners of these documents then receive the same professional and academic rights as the owners of documents issued by the Russian government.

The procedure of nostrification and issue of certifications is performed by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation. This procedure is conducted based on current international agreements and recommendations, government education standards, and normative acts of the Russian education system.

In order to order nostrification services of foreign academic certificates, attestations, statements, and diplomas from our company, you will need to provide the following documents:

  • the document proving your education with all attachments – the original and 2 copies from a notary;

The originals of the documents must be certified by the country that issued the documents. In other words, they must have an “apostille” stamp or mark denoting consular certification!

  • A notarized translation of education documents (if you don't have a translation, you can always order one from us) – 2 copies;
  • a document proving your previous education and an attachment – the original (the necessity or presenting these documents or lack thereof will be determined by the specialist when receiving your documents);
  • a document confirming your past work history in the specialization indicated in a diploma (this may be a xeroxed copy of an employment record book);
  • a xeroxed copy of all the pages of your passport except for the empty ones and a translation of it into Russian (remember that if your last name does not correspond to the one indicated in your education document, you will have to provide a document confirming your last name change);
  • if the education institution is private, you will have to provide a document confirming its government accreditation;
  • if after the documents' submission the education institution changes its name, a certificate must be provided on the relevant change along with a statement from the education institution along with a crest and signature of the authorized functionary. 
  • The cost of our nostrification services is 13,000 RUR (including the government fee of 6,500 RUR) plus the cost of translation services and notarization of the translations into Russian for documents that need to be presented to an authorized agency (list of documents indicated below). The wait period is 2 to 4 months.

We bring to your attention that nostrification is quite a lengthy procedure. It takes between 2 and 4 months, so you would do well to prepare all of these documents well ahead of time in order to use them in Russia. You don't necessarily have to come in order to do this. You can always send us your documents by mail. Don't be afraid of losing them. Just choose a reliable document delivery company that provides delivery all over the world. We, for instance, have long since worked with DHL and FedEx (Major express). We can send the ready documents to any address you indicate to us.

Procedure for recognition of foreign education (nostrification)

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