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All official Russian documents that you are going to need in Italy are required to be apostilled. It would be a wise decision to have your documents apostilled before you leave Russia, in which case you will not have to send your documents to the city where they are able to be apostilled.

First and foremost, in order to receive a Nulla Osta Al Matrimonio (certificate noting the non-existence of obstacles for you to become married in Italy), you will need an apostille for:

  • your birth certificate;
  • a marriage certificate, or a divorce certificate – in the case that you have changed your last name;  
  • a statement from the Civil Registry Office – in the case that you have changed your last name more than once (you have been officially married/divorces multiple times).

As a rule, apostilles are attached to the originals of such documents and are not required to be done in the city where they were issued. We are able to help you apostille Russian documents that have NOT only been issued by the Civil Registry Offices of Moscow and the Moscow Region, but also by the: 

Civil Registry Offices of practically every city in Russia, as well as in Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kirghizia, Georgia, Belarus, Moldavia, and other countries based on prior consent.

In order to apply for education or a job in your field of specialization, you will be required to provide your educational documents (your diploma attached along with your academic transcript (in the case of an associate’s degree) or your diploma or doctoral certificate attached) with an apostille stamp on it. Apostilles for education documents are provided according to their territorial designation – in the Education Department (Authority) of the region where the document was issued! 

EXCEPTION: in Moscow you can have education documents apostilled, which were issued in any Russian city! For this reason, we are able to help you apostille your education documents, regardless of where your educational institution is located.

If you don’t happen to have the original document to receive the apostille, it can be done, as a rule, on a notarized copy of the original in the judicial authority of the region/city where the notary that certified the given copy is located.  

To find out the specifics on our ability to provide an apostille for some document or other, the time period required for it, and what it will cost, you can always send us an email at info@pravoislovo.ru and ask our lawyers the question you are looking to have answered. 

All official Russian documents that you are going to need in Italy are required to be apostilled

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