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Many citizens of the Russian Federation decide to move beyond the country's borders for good and do not plan to return. Meanwhile, they forget (or don't see the necessity) to remove their place of residence on the territory of Russia from the register.

What does one do in such a situation where one does in fact need to become deregistered but is unable to come to Russia just for that purpose?

The first way is to process a power of attorney for someone who could come to the DIA or the Multifunctional Public Services Center to apply to become removed from the register.

A power of attorney in your country of stay can be processed at the local notary followed by certification of the power of attorney for Russia. You can also certify the power of attorney at a Russian Federation embassy. It must be an original power of attorney, so you will need to mail it off or have acquaintances hand it off to Russia.

The second way is certifying the deregistration application at the Russian Federation embassy in the country in which you reside. In that case, the consulate will transfer the application itself to the authorized internal affairs office.

It’s worth noting in conclusion that registration of one’s residence, unlike deregistration, can only be done via a personal visit by the affected person and no power of attorney is permitted to complete that procedure.

You can always contact us regarding the issue of deregistration and, in the case of an illegal refusal from an internal affairs office, appealing the decision in court. Give us a call or write us about this procedure today!

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