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With the help of the Honorary Italian Consulate in Krasnodar, the SSAN was created in the beginning of 2024 –Krai public human rights organization “The Population Social Assistance Service”. The main goal of the organization is to fortify relations between Italy and Russia as well as help Italians living in the Russian Federation and Russians living in Italy.

Originally, the creation of SSAN was intended to provide help to Italian retirees in Russia, whose main problem in past years has been obtaining they payments they invested, pensions, and subsidies from the Republic of Italy.

The SSAN also helps Russians with immigration issues, family reunion requests, obtaining citizenship, and passing the Italian language knowledge exam.

Why are we telling you about this? Because we believe that the love between our two countries will always only grow stronger. We are happy to hear when these initiatives take place.

You can view more detailed information on the Service's official website.

Interested in something else about Italy and Russia? Address your question to our email to info@pravoislovo.ru.

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