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Even the most educated people have doubts sometimes as to whether or not they’ve spelled a certain word correctly. This is when people take to the Internet or dictionary to find out. However, people don’t always have the chance to conduct an involved search for the right answer. Where does one look to get a 100% correct answer?

There is a solution! On January 1, 2025, a new law goes into effect establishing the National Dictionary Fund. This fund entails a unified digital resource where the most authoritative dictionaries of the Russian language will be assembled that have been created over the past three centuries, from the days of Pushkin to today.

This fund will be considered a verified resource and be available for free. People will be able to use it to check not only proper word spelling but also the correct syllable to place word stress as well as find suitable synonyms, antonyms, or idiomatic phrases.

You can read more about the Fund by following this link.

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